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Jackets are a must in every woman’s wardrobe. It’s a great work wear and looks amazing even as a weekend joker123 wear. This piece of clothing is also a stylish way to hide the bulge, a common nemesis of almost every woman. For women who are petite, it’s rather important to know how a jacket should fit.

If you’re of the petite frame and are out to buy jackets, you should check how it fits at these key places: poe rallying cry


A long-sleeved jacket should reach the top of the hand while the wearer is standing with her hands relaxed at the sides. Taller women can choose wide sleeves like kimono styles but for petite women of shorter height, a closely fitted sleeve works best. Do keep in mind that the sleeves should not be so close that it restricts movements.


Structured jackets with shoulder pads work best for a woman of a petite frame. The shoulder pads should extend into the sleeves slightly. Petite women with narrow shoulders, can opt for jackets with shoulder pads that go a little further into the sleeves for a balanced look.


The collar of a jacket should smoothly go around the neck. It shouldn’t wrinkle or bunch up.The trick is to make sure that the collar(or the neckline) is neither too tight nor too lose.


Whether a jacket is worn open or closed, the lapels should always lie flat, there is no other way with this part of a jacket.


A good jacket should close without any wrinkling or pulling across the bust. Jackets, when too tight, cannot be altered, so it is wise to get a bigger size and have the other parts altered. For fitted or even semi fitted jackets, it shouldn’t be excessively wide either.


The perfect jacket can be worn either open or closed. If the wearer wants to button/zip up, she should be able to do this without any tightness in the torso area. A good fitted or semi fitted jacket should follow the contours of the wearer’s body.

You can maximise the wearability of a jacket and give yourself a taller and leaner look by selecting the right kind of jackets. You could stick to solid colours with little to no embellishment. If you want prints, you can wear them on your tops, dresses or skirts under your jackets.

A jacket is like a punctuation in personal style and solves almost all wardrobe situations. Often, a jacket can make a look of its own and being of the petite frame should not stop you from making wearing this style statement.


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